'Smack the Pony Rides again... If live sketch comedy is dying Muriel has given it the kiss of life'
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

'Pure comedy genius'

Secret London

'Telegenic and versatile, and with a striking stage presence, Muriel seem to have the potential to be the new Smack the Pony. And you can't give much higher praise than that'



'Spark and charisma... they just have that special something'

Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke


'Muriel are taking the social media platform by storm'

Evening Standard

'A tight and original hour of sketches, each one perfectly angled to its audience'

The Skinny

'Reminiscent of 90s favourites Smack The Pony but with an added slice of YouTube culture'

Diva Magazine

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard
The Skinny
Funny Women
ITV News
Evening Standard
Daily Mail
Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke
Time Out
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